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She can help you through Addictions, Depression, and Divorce

Psychic Readings Medium in San Francisco CA

psychic readings

Psychic Solutions of San Francisco, California, offers you psychic readings from a medium to learn more about your life.

She is an intuitive psychic clairvoyant and master healer. She offers you service as a genuine spiritual psychic advisor and powerful love specialist. She provides authentic psychic readings,energy healing and, life coaching. Readings by phone or in person. She can also come to parties and special events.

Her work with the spirits is all about delivering you with the accurate guidance needed to move past your crossroads, whether it be in love career, life direction a need for spiritual guidance, your health or state of mind. The in depth psychic reading that she offers can answer your most important questions.

Psychic Readings
She cannot be compared to other psychics. No one can posses the secrets of power that she has gained through years of training and guidance received when she was a child, from her family of spiritualists. Which is why so many have failed before you, but unlike them, she can achieve success where others cannot. She works with nothing but positive energy, so in order to receive positive, you must be positive. She can guide you to the way of enlightenment and piece of mind, with her meditation rituals and prayers. her goal in life is to provide you with real life situations using spiritual point of views. She is only a phone call away to offer authentic spiritual methods to resolve them. Whether it be reuniting an ex-lover back to you, healing a broken relationship, preventing an unwanted divorce, or anything else that is blocking your path to true happiness.

Her services also include:

• Tarot Card Readings • Chakra Readings • Love Specialists • Palm Readings • Guided Meditations

•Dream Interpretations


Psychic Solutions
Psychic Solutions offers psychic readings, crystals, candles, and psychic materials.

For more than 20 years I have been doing psychic readings with the help of the good spirits to guide and help you through your life.

This is a gift that has been passed on generation to generation in my family.

She is available for parties and special occasions including:

• Birthday Parties
• Anniversary
• Parties
• Weddings
• Engagements
• Sweet 16's

• Halloween Parties
• New Years Parties

Contact me to find out more about psychic readings in San Francisco, California.